Hold dead on, hit dead on.

Take your accuracy to the next level.

Leupold® Custom Dial System®

We'll customize your scope's elevation dial to match your exact load, velocity, and conditions for unprecedented precision.

Once you range your target, simply turn the elevation dial to the correct position, make any necessary wind adjustments, aim dead on, and squeeze the trigger.

  • First dial free with purchase of CDS scope
  • Quickly dial in elevation corrections to confidently place accurate, effective long-range shots
  • All CDS dials are shipped with installation tools and instructions
  • Match dials with specific loads and environmental conditions
  • CDS is available on all VX-6 models, and select VX-3i, VX-3, VX-R and VX-2 models.
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Order Your Custom Dial System™®

  • Leupold's Custom Shop will laser-engrave a CDS dial matched to your specifications
  • After receiving your CDS dial, a simple set screw adjustment is all that is needed to swap between dials
  • Additional dials for may be purchased at any time from $70 to $80 each depending on features (*plus applicable taxes). Call 1-888-629-4811 to order
  • Your scope's serial number will be manually verified. If there is a descrepancy, Customer Service will call you
  • Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery

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Ordering product on this website is available to U.S. customers only. Assistance is available for customers outside the U.S. by clicking on the international link to locate a local distributor or by contacting Leupold Custom Shop directly by phone at 1-888-629-4811 or via email CustomShop@Leupold.com.